Home: Use Old Denim for Home Decor

It’s time of the year again when you do have to declutter your closet. You probably have a number of shirts, blouses and most especially denim which you don’t use anymore. Although it’s a good deed to donate your old clothes to be used by someone in need, why not use it as a material for your home decor. This will also allow you to innovate the look of your home without spending too much. Here are some suggestions:

Denim Rag Mat
Materials Needed:
Soft old denim jeans, scissors, utility rag liner

Make use of old soft denim jeans into comfy rag mat. All you need to do is cut the soft denim jeans into 4 to 5 inches strips. Loop each strip into the utility rag liner (which can be bought in stores or online) and then knot. It’s up to you on the length of the rag mat you’d prefer.

Chair Cushion
Materials Needed:
Sewing machine with denim needle, old jeans, fabric scissors.

Uplift your old chair by dressing it up with your old denim. All you need to do is sew old denim together according to your chair’s need. It’s best to use a sewing machine with denim needle especially if your denim is not the soft type. You can also hand saw the cushion using a needle appropriate for the denim fabric. This might take some time but it’s all worth it after you have personalized your chair cushion.

Denim Placemats
Materials Needed:
Old denim pants or skirts, sewing machine or needle with thread

Turn your old jeans or skirts into usable placemats. What you need to do is cut the upper portion of old jeans or skirts into a rectangular shape. You can use both the front portion of the jeans and the back side. Sew the edges of the jeans so that the jeans will not overly fray. You can either sew the edges using a sewing machine or hand stitch using crochet thread ( use either cotton, nylon, and even bamboo thread) with different colors for a more personalized touch.

Denim Coasters
Materials Needed:
Old denim pockets, scissors

This is the easiest do it yourself project on reusing old denim pants. All you need to do is cut the denim pockets and voila! You now have your own denim coasters. You can either cut the denim pockets all throughout its edge or leave a 1 inch or half an inch if you like frayed edge.…