Pendant Light For Kitchen

Highly functional lighting solutions are needed for kitchen spaces. The kitchen remains a room that needs many different types of light fixtures to illuminate properly whether you are a cook or just plain homeowner. It can add task lighting to kitchen work zones or light the entire room with use of pendant lighting. Pendant lightings provide abundant light and decorative style for any kitchen whether they are hung in groupings above an island or attached to a central spot on a high ceiling.

Kitchen Island Area

To provide task light to the most functional part of any kitchen area, hang pendant lights above a kitchen island. When picking the fixtures to create a harmonious design, keep the kitchen scale in mind. To span, the length of the island, or select two larger styles, hung to fill the area above the island as well by choosing three smaller fixtures, spaced evenly. So that the bulbs do not glare and high enough that they are not in the way, attach them low enough. Glass shades makes them the appropriate choice for islands as it provides the most light.

Central Ceiling

In a tiny kitchen, add a large pendant light fixture to a central ceiling location. It is an acceptable way to add a layer of light and design to a kitchen with small square footage while a single pendant light might appear too small in a large kitchen space. To make the area feel bigger, a singular light creates a focal point for the kitchen and brings the eye up. When identifying if a pendant is appropriate, consider the ceiling height.

Cozy Area

Using a pendant light above the table, you will create a cozy dining area. Hang a large, fabric-shade pendant light from the ceiling directly above the table to visually emphasize the eat-in space and provide functional light. For modern decors, opt for a drum-shaped shade or for traditional rooms, a more traditional silhouette. To vary the light intensity for more versatility, the dimmer can be added.

Desk Area

A pendant light is ideal to install directly above a kitchen desk area. To create a zone that is both highly functional and visually attractive, install a medium-sized, glass-shaded pendant light on a high ceiling above the desk. To achieve a harmonious look, pick pendants that match with the color of the cabinets and metal coats. For example, if you have white kitchen cabinets, it is better to accent with clean white glass shades, whilst dark cabinets are best accented with terrapin shell or chestnut glass pendant colors.