Top 10 Bedroom Ideas

Almost all of us end the day in the bedroom, thus it is important to make it a relaxing yet appealing space. The bedroom is one room in your house where you must be able to relax and doze off to sleep. In case your bedroom has a dull design, it is best to consider redesigning it by finding bedroom design ideas that best suits your tastes and preferences. The creation of a properly design bedroom will depend on the type of environment that you want to co

The creation of a properly design bedroom will depend on the type of environment that you want to convey. Your bedroom can be a serene, luxurious or cozy space or even a sensual place. Depending on the overall theme that you want for your bedroom, you must make it comfortable. One of the bedroom design ideas that you should consider is adding a platform bed along with furniture pieces that have clean lines. The bed is typically the focal point of the bedroom unless you have vibrant walls or a stunning piece of artwork. With platform beds, it no longer requires box springs or a frame, thus the design exudes a Zen-like or Scandinavian ambiance with an organized look.

When it comes to where people spend their decorating dollars bedrooms are second only to kitchen makeovers. Remember to create a beckoning and peaceful getaway the design needs to use a soft color plan complete with comfortable furniture that incorporates tips like these.
Calming Colors: The paint palette you choose sets the tone for the room. The colors for the furnishings, fabrics, and accessories evolve around that. Another factor to keep in mind is the amount of artificial and natural light. It’s the defining aspect of your final choice of colors.

Space-Maximizing Tip: By using lighter colors your bedroom will look much bigger and open. This is because pastel colors reflect the light naturally instead of absorbing it. Mirrors are another space enhancing accessory.

Bedding Facts: A few layers of blankets of different hues and a folded quilt is all you need to make your bedroom feel like a 5-star hotel suite. Complete the look of your bedding ensemble by adding pillow shams and accent pillows.

Cozy Floors: Nothing like cold floors to get your day off to a chilly start. Which is why it’s a must for bedroom floors to be carpeted or covered with an area rug. Besides you can make any cheap area rug feel expensive by using top of the line carpet pads. Easy to do too. All you need is double sided carpet tape under to hold the rug snugly against the padding.

Curtain Call: Blackout window treatments can keep your room under wraps by limiting the light that penetrates your space when you are trying to sleep. I mean who wants to be awakened at 6:00 AM by bright sunlight streaming into their bedroom on a Saturday morning meant for sleeping in?

Illusion in Space: If you only have one window place a mirror opposite to it to create the illusion of a second window. Or face a mirror toward your bed to visually expand the space.

Closet Control: How you feel about your bedroom can be enhanced greatly just by organizing your closet. Especially if you’re wading through piles of clothes and errant shoes on your bedroom floor whenever you enter. Not only will you have a tidier room but you’ll find it easier to get what you’re looking for.
Lighting the room: Lighting is an important part of the room. Apart from the natural light also focus on the lighting inside the room. You can opt for ceiling lights or beautiful lamps also lights which can be dimmed as per your requirement.

Dark wood is no more in the past. It is back with a bang and many people are coming forward to design their bedroom using dark wood. You can choose oak or walnut based on your preferences for the headboard and the bed. You can also place a heavy mattress on beds made out of dark wood with ease. You can also choose the same colored wood for the door to your bedroom. For the walls, you can choose a fabric that is dark brown in color. You can complete the look of the room with black lacquer dresser and a night table. If you want to go for a contrast, you can choose white bedding on a dark wood bed. It will look and feel perfect.

Glass: This one is among the best bedroom design ideas. You can make use of glass to design your bedroom beautifully. Glass is an ideal choice if your bedroom is overlooking foliage or a small garden. The glass will allow direct sunlight into your room each morning and waking up to the sun’s rays will give you a fresh start. The windows should also be made out of glass. High glass windows are the best bet. However, in a glass bedroom, the use of furniture should be minimal. You choose wood flooring, though. Buy a walk-in closet for storage. You will have a wonderful view when it rains and the greenery outside will bring you closer to nature. You will feel utterly relaxed and calm.
Mint green: Mint green is a beautiful color and is ideal for the bedroom. You can paint your walls mint green and the entire room will look splendid. To complete the look, go for ceramic tiles for the flooring. You could also choose cool stone tiles. The color of these tiles may be cream, gray, or white. For the linen and bedding, you can choose dark green. The furniture should ideally be muted brown in color. Green is a calming color and will make you feel at peace after a stressful day.

When it comes to your bedroom you don’t settle. With these simple steps, anyone can convert their bedroom to a welcoming refuge from their busy lives. And as these tips show you don’t have to take interior design classes and it won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket either. Dark wood: You can use dark wood to design or redesign your entire bedroom. Epoxy Floors are always an option as well.

These are just a few bedroom design ideas. You can experiment with your bedroom according to your tastes and design it yourself. The only focus should be serenity.



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