Home: Use Old Denim for Home Decor

It’s time of the year again when you do have to declutter your closet. You probably have a number of shirts, blouses and most especially denim which you don’t use anymore. Although it’s a good deed to donate your old clothes to be used by someone in need, why not use it as a material for your home decor. This will also allow you to innovate the look of your home without spending too much. Here are some suggestions:

Denim Rag Mat
Materials Needed:
Soft old denim jeans, scissors, utility rag liner

Make use of old soft denim jeans into comfy rag mat. All you need to do is cut the soft denim jeans into 4 to 5 inches strips. Loop each strip into the utility rag liner (which can be bought in stores or online) and then knot. It’s up to you on the length of the rag mat you’d prefer.

Chair Cushion
Materials Needed:
Sewing machine with denim needle, old jeans, fabric scissors.

Uplift your old chair by dressing it up with your old denim. All you need to do is sew old denim together according to your chair’s need. It’s best to use a sewing machine with denim needle especially if your denim is not the soft type. You can also hand saw the cushion using a needle appropriate for the denim fabric. This might take some time but it’s all worth it after you have personalized your chair cushion.

Denim Placemats
Materials Needed:
Old denim pants or skirts, sewing machine or needle with thread

Turn your old jeans or skirts into usable placemats. What you need to do is cut the upper portion of old jeans or skirts into a rectangular shape. You can use both the front portion of the jeans and the back side. Sew the edges of the jeans so that the jeans will not overly fray. You can either sew the edges using a sewing machine or hand stitch using crochet thread ( use either cotton, nylon, and even bamboo thread) with different colors for a more personalized touch.

Denim Coasters
Materials Needed:
Old denim pockets, scissors

This is the easiest do it yourself project on reusing old denim pants. All you need to do is cut the denim pockets and voila! You now have your own denim coasters. You can either cut the denim pockets all throughout its edge or leave a 1 inch or half an inch if you like frayed edge.…


Wreath Decor Ideas

Wreaths are always present during holiday seasons. It’s one of the symbols that signify the holidays. If you have affection for a wreath and wanted to use it even after the holidays, here are some ideas how to reuse it in your home:

Wreath Clock Frame

To add seasonal flair to everyday items, using wreaths are an exceptional way. By covering the frames with evergreen wreaths, you can give wall clocks a holiday touch. It will work perfectly to select simple clocks even from discount stores since the wreath is supposed to be the star of the show.

Wreath Wall or Door Sculpture

Wreaths can make an excellent wall or door sculptures when used in a different range of sizes. To make a snowman sculpture on the door, pick up different sizes of a wreath (one large, one medium and one small). Using twine or decorative ribbon, affix all three wreaths to one another. Next, using self-adhesive plastic hooks or over the door with a wreath hanger, fix the assembled of wreaths to the front of a door. Use picture nails around the top of each of the three wreaths for wall applications, then hammer to the wall to do up.

Wreath Plant Stand

The plant saucers are essential for proper drainage but they become eyesores sometimes. To add a touch of holiday style while helping hide the saucer, opt for an evergreen wreath circling the base of a planter.

Wreath Tabletop Display

A great material for filling multi-tiered cake stands with texture, color, and pattern, using small wreaths will give a result in the look of a tabletop sculpture. Think about using bottom tiers simply for wreaths, and then use the top wreath for carrying candles for a touch of character.


Wreath Candle Charger

Using miniature wreaths used as chargers, you can dress up hurricanes or pillar candles. A snug fit is a key to attaining the proper look. Basically, select pillar candles or hurricanes for your DIY project, then from the diameter, opt for a wreath with an inside opening. In selecting, it should be no more than 1/4-inch bigger than the diameter of the hurricane or pillar candle.



Pendant Light For Kitchen

Highly functional lighting solutions are needed for kitchen spaces. The kitchen remains a room that needs many different types of light fixtures to illuminate properly whether you are a cook or just plain homeowner. It can add task lighting to kitchen work zones or light the entire room with use of pendant lighting. Pendant lightings provide abundant light and decorative style for any kitchen whether they are hung in groupings above an island or attached to a central spot on a high ceiling.

Kitchen Island Area

To provide task light to the most functional part of any kitchen area, hang pendant lights above a kitchen island. When picking the fixtures to create a harmonious design, keep the kitchen scale in mind. To span, the length of the island, or select two larger styles, hung to fill the area above the island as well by choosing three smaller fixtures, spaced evenly. So that the bulbs do not glare and high enough that they are not in the way, attach them low enough. Glass shades makes them the appropriate choice for islands as it provides the most light.

Central Ceiling

In a tiny kitchen, add a large pendant light fixture to a central ceiling location. It is an acceptable way to add a layer of light and design to a kitchen with small square footage while a single pendant light might appear too small in a large kitchen space. To make the area feel bigger, a singular light creates a focal point for the kitchen and brings the eye up. When identifying if a pendant is appropriate, consider the ceiling height.

Cozy Area

Using a pendant light above the table, you will create a cozy dining area. Hang a large, fabric-shade pendant light from the ceiling directly above the table to visually emphasize the eat-in space and provide functional light. For modern decors, opt for a drum-shaped shade or for traditional rooms, a more traditional silhouette. To vary the light intensity for more versatility, the dimmer can be added.

Desk Area

A pendant light is ideal to install directly above a kitchen desk area. To create a zone that is both highly functional and visually attractive, install a medium-sized, glass-shaded pendant light on a high ceiling above the desk. To achieve a harmonious look, pick pendants that match with the color of the cabinets and metal coats. For example, if you have white kitchen cabinets, it is better to accent with clean white glass shades, whilst dark cabinets are best accented with terrapin shell or chestnut glass pendant colors.


An Empty Home Needs Love

I recall the feeling of moving to a new house. I say house, specifically, because a house to me is not a home until I’m living there for a while. A home is a place of peaceful living. It should be an oasis of serenity away from the world at large. So, a new house does not necessarily have these aspects yet. A new house is empty. However, a new house will eventually be not so new. The way to do this, in part, is to decorate the house.

In decorating the house, it becomes more of a home. Decorating a house means that new furniture will be purchased. In this case, however, decorating a house will also mean bringing everything from the old home into the new house.

If one walks through an empty new house it feels bare. This is especially true in a bedroom. However, once the bed and all bedroom furniture are brought into the new bedroom, it begins to feel at home. This is the key not only in the bedroom but with every room in the house.

Imagine if one were able to copy their old home such as copying a file on a computer. Or perhaps the better use of this would be to “cut” their old home. They will then “paste” it into the new house. Think of everything that was once in the old home is now in the new house. Does it feel like home? It depends! Surely it feels like much more of a home now that the personal belongings are in the new home.

Notice, we are now calling it the new “home” because, as time goes on, it becomes just that. Even after a few weeks, driving there will begin to feel like home. Purchasing new items will also solidify the feeling of the new abode being a home. This is now a home that is the peaceful area we desired.


Safety in a Home

If I were 3 years old, how could I hurt myself? That’s the question parents need to ask themselves when decorating a child’s bedroom. There are a hundred ways a child could get hurt in a home. The bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom each have their own types of hidden dangers.

First, let’s talk about the bedroom. After all, this is where the child will spend most of their time. That being said, by most of the time, I mean that they are sleeping. Depending on how old the child is, there might be a rail on the bed so that the child doesn’t fall out in the middle of the night. Also depending on the age of the young one, the parents might not want too much of a blanket if there is a baby in the crib. A large blanket could be hazardous for suffocation.

Next, the kitchen has its own set of hazards. Where are the sharp utensils? I surely hope that knives are out of reach. Because if they are not, they could find their way into a child’s hand. Does the outside of the oven get hot? I hope not because a toddler will find their way to it. Also, when the child gets a little taller, can they reach the stove top? I think you’re beginning to notice a pattern.

Children will find a way to get hurt. They will find many ways. However, it’s the parent’s job to attempt to minimize how bad they get hurt and how they get hurt. Let’s take a look at the bathroom.

A slippery bathtub is a recipe for disaster. This is especially true if there is a possibility the child’s head could land on the metal faucet. Many parents will put a rubber child safely nozzle as an extra precaution.

There are many resources for parents to help them baby-proof and child-proof their home. All it takes is a little research. In the end, it will be time well spent.


Top 10 Bedroom Ideas

Almost all of us end the day in the bedroom, thus it is important to make it a relaxing yet appealing space. The bedroom is one room in your house where you must be able to relax and doze off to sleep. In case your bedroom has a dull design, it is best to consider redesigning it by finding bedroom design ideas that best suits your tastes and preferences. The creation of a properly design bedroom will depend on the type of environment that you want to co

The creation of a properly design bedroom will depend on the type of environment that you want to convey. Your bedroom can be a serene, luxurious or cozy space or even a sensual place. Depending on the overall theme that you want for your bedroom, you must make it comfortable. One of the bedroom design ideas that you should consider is adding a platform bed along with furniture pieces that have clean lines. The bed is typically the focal point of the bedroom unless you have vibrant walls or a stunning piece of artwork. With platform beds, it no longer requires box springs or a frame, thus the design exudes a Zen-like or Scandinavian ambiance with an organized look.

When it comes to where people spend their decorating dollars bedrooms are second only to kitchen makeovers. Remember to create a beckoning and peaceful getaway the design needs to use a soft color plan complete with comfortable furniture that incorporates tips like these.
Calming Colors: The paint palette you choose sets the tone for the room. The colors for the furnishings, fabrics, and accessories evolve around that. Another factor to keep in mind is the amount of artificial and natural light. It’s the defining aspect of your final choice of colors.

Space-Maximizing Tip: By using lighter colors your bedroom will look much bigger and open. This is because pastel colors reflect the light naturally instead of absorbing it. Mirrors are another space enhancing accessory.

Bedding Facts: A few layers of blankets of different hues and a folded quilt is all you need to make your bedroom feel like a 5-star hotel suite. Complete the look of your bedding ensemble by adding pillow shams and accent pillows.

Cozy Floors: Nothing like cold floors to get your day off to a chilly start. Which is why it’s a must for bedroom floors to be carpeted or covered with an area rug. Besides you can make any cheap area rug feel expensive by using top of the line carpet pads. Easy to do too. All you need is double sided carpet tape under to hold the rug snugly against the padding.

Curtain Call: Blackout window treatments can keep your room under wraps by limiting the light that penetrates your space when you are trying to sleep. I mean who wants to be awakened at 6:00 AM by bright sunlight streaming into their bedroom on a Saturday morning meant for sleeping in?

Illusion in Space: If you only have one window place a mirror opposite to it to create the illusion of a second window. Or face a mirror toward your bed to visually expand the space.

Closet Control: How you feel about your bedroom can be enhanced greatly just by organizing your closet. Especially if you’re wading through piles of clothes and errant shoes on your bedroom floor whenever you enter. Not only will you have a tidier room but you’ll find it easier to get what you’re looking for.
Lighting the room: Lighting is an important part of the room. Apart from the natural light also focus on the lighting inside the room. You can opt for ceiling lights or beautiful lamps also lights which can be dimmed as per your requirement.

Dark wood is no more in the past. It is back with a bang and many people are coming forward to design their bedroom using dark wood. You can choose oak or walnut based on your preferences for the headboard and the bed. You can also place a heavy mattress on beds made out of dark wood with ease. You can also choose the same colored wood for the door to your bedroom. For the walls, you can choose a fabric that is dark brown in color. You can complete the look of the room with black lacquer dresser and a night table. If you want to go for a contrast, you can choose white bedding on a dark wood bed. It will look and feel perfect.

Glass: This one is among the best bedroom design ideas. You can make use of glass to design your bedroom beautifully. Glass is an ideal choice if your bedroom is overlooking foliage or a small garden. The glass will allow direct sunlight into your room each morning and waking up to the sun’s rays will give you a fresh start. The windows should also be made out of glass. High glass windows are the best bet. However, in a glass bedroom, the use of furniture should be minimal. You choose wood flooring, though. Buy a walk-in closet for storage. You will have a wonderful view when it rains and the greenery outside will bring you closer to nature. You will feel utterly relaxed and calm.
Mint green: Mint green is a beautiful color and is ideal for the bedroom. You can paint your walls mint green and the entire room will look splendid. To complete the look, go for ceramic tiles for the flooring. You could also choose cool stone tiles. The color of these tiles may be cream, gray, or white. For the linen and bedding, you can choose dark green. The furniture should ideally be muted brown in color. Green is a calming color and will make you feel at peace after a stressful day.

When it comes to your bedroom you don’t settle. With these simple steps, anyone can convert their bedroom to a welcoming refuge from their busy lives. And as these tips show you don’t have to take interior design classes and it won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket either. Dark wood: You can use dark wood to design or redesign your entire bedroom.

These are just a few bedroom design ideas. You can experiment with your bedroom according to your tastes and design it yourself. The only focus should be serenity.…

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Shopping for Children’s Furniture

When shopping for children’s furniture one has to take many things into account, the child’s personality being a big factor. Another is the item safe built for a child to use, no one wants to buy something that could accidentally hurt a child. Something else to consider is does this product have the potential to help my child learn as he/she plays and interacts with the item. Will it help in building a play full imagination is one way it can stimulate the mind. Another is will it help with motor skills also helping during development of your child. As your child grows and becomes more aware of he’s or her’s surroundings the things around them become more important to them. Try and surround your child with things that make them comfortable and happy.

Finding the right furniture to fit your child’s needs is a little tricky, but if you pay close enough attention to them they will lead you in the right direction. What do they focus on which colors draw their attention what do they play with? The answers to all these questions will lead you to the right types of furniture to buy for your child. Something else to keep in mind is they are a part of you so one can conclude that your child will share some of the same interest that you have. Try not to force any of these interest on your child but simple allow your child to grow. The older your child becomes the easier it is to fit a room around your child be patient and everything will work out. It can become a fun filled event for the whole family when designing a new room full of fun and bright furniture. The different kinds of children furniture include.

1 – The Crib

A lot of parents choose cribs because they are stable and bulky items. They are the closest option to a bed without having to rely on your son or daughter being able to get in and out and move around in a bed without falling or rolling out and hurting themselves. Modern cribs can add extra functionality by including a changing table at the side; something that modern equivalents of classical designs may also include. Choose from a selection of colors and designs to ensure that it matches the style of the nursery. Plenty of great cribs can be found at rooms to go.

2 – The Bassinette

A bassinette is smaller and has lower sides. It is often used by parents that want their baby to sleep in their bedroom because it puts baby at eye level in a compact and lightweight baby bed. However, a bassinette can also be used in a nursery and can prove especially useful if space is at a premium in the room. A bassinette can also be moved from room to room and even floor to floor relatively easily because it is light and maneuverable.

3 – The Dresser

Storage space is important in every room from the kitchen to the bedroom, and also in the nursery. Most families will inundate baby and parents with gifts that include vests, clothes, and comfort toys and these will all need a home. You may have spare storage space in your own bedroom but with a nursery dresser you can rely on using children’s furniture and leave your own free for your stuff. Nursery dressers can be classic and stylish or modern and contemporary in their look and their design.

4 – The Changing Table

A changing table is not only functional and useful but can provide you with a means to change baby’s diaper and get them dressed or undressed without having to lean over or crouch on the floor. Changing tables may also provide some extra storage space where you can keep diapers, vests, wipes, and other items.

5 – The Wall Art

Wall art may not be considered a critical aspect of children’s furniture but it is certainly a desirable one. It provides you and your child with something to look at, and if you’re showing off baby to friends and family then there’s nothing wrong with letting them see a stylish, modern, and beautiful looking nursery in which baby sleeps.

6. Chests: a chest of drawers is essential for smaller items of clothing. A dresser with a mirror will be essential for young girls, and you may be able to combine the dresser and chest at a push, depending on your daughter’s age.

7. Cabinets: A wardrobe, or a cabinet with two doors and shelving rather than drawers, would be useful for any child, particularly if doesn’t have to be used for clothes. They can use it for their stuff, whatever that might be. It’s amazing what can be packed into a 5-foot high wardrobe fitted with shelves. An armoire might be just as good, although it is likely best for young teenagers who will use it for clothes rather than toys.

8. Ottoman: an ottoman with a lid is ideal for larger toys or even for bedding. Many so-called ottomans are no more than footstools, but a true ottoman will be more of a storage box for kids and double up as spare seating.

9. The Bed: A comfortable bed is an essential item of kids furniture. However, make sure you have under bed storage in the form of drawers or large boxes on wheels. Even teenagers will have the need for as much storage space as they can get.

10. The Floor: What does the floor consist of? Is it epoxy flooring? Is it carpet? Where does the crib sit and where does the changing table sit? If you need concrete polishing equipment to handle finishing the floor, you have many options. It’s very important that the floor set the tone for the rest of the room.

Selecting Kids Bedroom Furniture

When selecting kids bedroom furniture, two things are important: strength and safety. The government regulates many types of children’s furniture, including cribs and bunk beds. One hazard that design can avoid is accidental hanging when babies or children get their heads stuck between slats. It is nice to know these problems have been addressed, and that furniture made for children is being made safe. Slats need to be less than 2 3/8 inches apart on cribs, and there are other regulations on mattress size, construction, part sizes, and finishes.

For safety, look for tight fitting between the mattress and sides, posts that are short so they will not poke necks or snag clothing, protective drop sides …